Introducing ZipperHQ

Making email more human.

ZipperHQ makes it quick, easy and affordable to add personalized videos to your email, social and SMS communications.

Break Through the Noise

The daily volume of digital messages is overwhelming – and most emails make it worse. 

Not ours.

Video messages add that human element when connecting with prospects, customers and coworkers and make you stand above the distractions – no video expertise required!


Quickly record personalized video messages or upload a video in seconds.


Share your message via email, text message or social media.


Get real-time analytics and AI data trends to increase your conversions.

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One Click Screen and Camera Recording

Easily Send Video Emails From Your Gmail

One Click Screen and Camera Recording

Genuine Connections in Our “New Normal”

In our “new normal” of socially distant business, it’s more important than ever to foster trust and credibility to grow your business. Videos are an easy way to connect with your customers, and email is a practical strategy for getting them in front of people.

Save Time

It’s faster to communicate messages over video than typing them out.

Build Trust

Allow your contacts to get to know you in a way only achieved through video.

On The Go

Quick Send allows you to snap and send a video instantly no matter where you are. 

Increase Conversions

Video is proven to enhance your conversion rates. Turn leads into closed deals.

Know What’s Working

Real-time analytics notify you who watched, for how long, and how many times. Reach out to the most engaged.

Stand Out

Be unique in the clutter of every day communications. Differentiate yourself against the crowd. 


The engagement and response rate I get when I send a 30-second introduction video using ZipperHQ, outperforms my cold calls by 300%.

Alex Taylor

Inside Sales Manager

Turns Out Video Works

Most people receive 121 emails a day and don’t open half of them. Simple, personalized videos are a way to ensure YOUR emails make the cut. Every single time.

Generate More Leads

Videos generate 66% more solid leads a year.


3x Click Rates

Email click rates increase by up to 300% if a video is included.


Join the Video Email Revolution

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