As you have probably seen, video is taking the world by storm in so many ways, especially in business. Video email is the newest and easiest way to still get face-to-face contact with people in this socially distant world.

Unless you’ve never been on the internet in the past decade, you’ve heard of YouTube. In the past, that is what most people used to host their videos and then embed them into an email message. But, times have changed, and there’s a new kid on the block that makes that task waaay easier and faster than you’re used to with YouTube.


Sending Video Email The Old Way

Have you ever tried sending an email that includes a video? With a basic emailing system, it is pretty time consuming – and time is a precious commodity these days.

It seems like a never ending process. You have to record the video and make any edits if necessary. If it was recorded on your phone you have to transfer it, upload it to your platform of choice (most popularly Youtube or Vimeo), create an image to link to from your email, craft up the email, and figure out how to then embed the image and link to your video. What could be a 3 minute process turns into taking up a large chunk of your day.

While platforms like YouTube are great for uploading and watching videos, you need more to enhance your business. That is where the NEW WAY comes in.


Sending Video Email The New Way

zipperHQ is the fastest and easiest way to not only record and send, but also track any video email messaging. This platform takes an all in one approach where you can cut out any middle man programs. Record a video straight from zipperHQ and it can be sent out to individuals or pre-made lists instantaneously.

With zipperHQ you can store videos in your media library that you can always come back to. Videos are easily recorded from both your desktop computer and your phone. All stored in one place.

Our extensive pre-built template library also saves you time while still giving you the chance to make your emails aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your company branding. With our Quick Send templates, you can drop in a video you just recorded or one that was uploaded and send it away.

You can have your email lists pre-made. You no longer have to worry about embedding a link into each individual email. Choose one person, or 100 to send to. You can schedule these emails in advance as well to save you even more time.

The True Time Test Comparison

While working on this product, I conducted an internal experiment to see how much of a difference these two processes would really have.

I started off the old way. I brought out my phone and started recording videos. Once I had a video I liked, I had to then transfer it to my computer. Once I was able to access it, I then had to upload it to YouTube so I could send out the link. Then, I had to pause the video to snag a screenshot, edit it and create an image I could use in my email. Next I went into my gmail and created a nice looking email to the best of my ability, and had to embed the image and hyperlink it to my YouTube video. Once the email was set, I decided who I wanted to send it to and had to do so one at a time.

In total, it took me around 27 minutes for ONE email. Not so efficient, huh?

Then I tried the same through zipperHQ. I logged into my account and recorded a 2-minute video straight from my computer. The system automatically generated an animated GIF and dropped my video into a pre-made email template for me. I added my personal message in below the video. All that was left was selecting the recipients with a click of a button. I knew it would be quicker using zipperHQ, but I was SHOCKED at how much time I really was saving!

This process (including the recording) took me about 5 minutes total.

5 minutes (zipperHQ) versus 27 minutes (YouTube). It is a no brainer!

Final Thoughts

While YouTube may be one of the biggest video platforms in the world, it is not always the most efficient choice for your business. When it comes to video email messaging, you need a system that cuts out the extra work and saves you time. Don’t think about how you’re going to display an embedded video and still make the email look personalized. ZipperHQ does it all for you!

Try this experiment for yourself and send me a video to let me know how much time you save!