ZipperHQ has added a new feature that has made it more convenient for our users to record videos and screen recordings. Introducing our NEW Google Chrome extension which can be accessed from your Google Chrome browser on desktop or mobile!

Google Chrome has thousands of extensions to create a better web experience and zipperHQ’s Chrome extension makes it easier and more efficient to send personalized video messages and screen recordings. Through this software you can record your screen, webcam, or both. 

With zipperHQ you can maximize the potential of your browser by sending video messages within seconds right from your browser. And the best part is that no video expertise is required in order to effortlessly use zipperHQ. You can even record your screen to share that presentation or troubleshoot a tech issue with your recipient(s).

Once you record a video you can send it out via email, text message, or social media. 

To access the extension, create an account on, which is free forever. Then follow the steps listed below or watch the short video tutorial above this post.

Here’s how to use it in a few simple steps: 

  1. Search “zipperHQ” in the Google Chrome Web Store from your Chrome browser or access the extension here.
  2. Install the zipperHQ extension and login to your zipperHQ account once downloaded.
  3. Click the zipperHQ logo on the top right of your browser to either record your screen or screen plus camera. In the video tab you can also access your premade recordings.
  4. From there you can share your videos with customers, coworkers, and prospects. 

Whether you are in sales, marketing, real estate, or any other industry, zipperHQ has a place for you! Make your life less complicated and boost your connections by signing up for zipperHQ and downloading our Google Chrome extension today.

Make the most of your screen recordings

Download the ZipperHQ Google Chrome Extension today.