With so many people working remotely because of the pandemic, screen recording is becoming an increasingly popular way to share and explain information when we cannot physically be together. The best part? No wires or hassle involved. 

Screen recording is when you record a video and/or audio of your on-screen activity, allowing users on the other end of the connection to see the information the same way as the sharer. With screen recording videos you can:

  • Virtually walk people through your thought process, presentation or tech issue using dynamic video of your recorded screen.
  • Apply it across most industries: sales, real estate, education, automotive, marketing, and more.
  • Share vital and/or sensitive on-screen information with clients and co-workers just by mirroring your screen.

ZipperHQ provides an excellent screen recording feature to capture and share high-quality screen recordings. With the zipperHQ Google Chrome extension you are able to record your screen with or without your webcam, and with clear sound quality. One of the best parts about the zipperHQ screen recorder is that videos can be uploaded and shared instantly via link or through email. 

Here are five ways you can integrate screen recording in your business today to make your life easier.


Troubleshoot tech issues

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the exact tech issues you’re experiencing. By screen recording you can simply screen share your problems with IT/tech support to resolve your issues faster with more clarity. 


Share a presentation

When you need to share a presentation, especially in the work-from-home age, all you need to do is share your screen to your audience without the hassle of trying to get everyone in the same room. Screen recording, especially with zipperHQ’s Google extension makes it easy to share information to a wide audience all with simply sending out a link to the recording. 


Build personal connections

With zipperHQ, you can record your screen plus your camera to give it a more friendly, human element. If you’re sharing something with a co-worker or client, screen recording can help strengthen relationships as if the person was right in the room with you. 


Teach your co-worker how to do something

Sometimes it can be easier to visually explain things with a screen recording than trying to find the right words. Training someone new or explaining a document to a co-worker can be tricky without the right visuals. Screen recording a quick how-to video avoids the confusion and makes the process so much simpler. The recording can also be played back at any time for further help!


Send personalized videos to a client 

You can send engaging videos to your clients and customers by using a screen recording software like zipperHQ without losing the valuable face-to-face connection. You can touch base with a customer or answer their questions to drive those deeper connections.


Make the most out of visual communication. Create and instantly share videos from your desktop or mobile in order to collaborate visually and with ease. As you can see, you can screen-record for many different uses. Check out zipperHQ’s Google Chrome extension to kickstart your screen recording journey! 

Check out our other blog post and short tutorial video here, on how to access the zipperHQ extension.