The sales tech landscape is continually changing. For sales leaders that want to get ahead, Forrester’s Tech Tide™ is a go-to resource for monitoring recommendations, tools, and strategies to invest in to accelerate revenue performance.

The most recent Q1 2021 version of the Forrester report notably included an emerging sales tech category – UGV – or user-generated video tools.

Interestingly, a whopping 61% of sales leaders surveyed in the report said they have or intend to invest in user generated video tools.

As work-from-home continues as the norm and face-to-face interactions happen from a distance, buyer preferences have rapidly shifted toward self-serve and on-demand digital experiences. As have buyers expectations of those experiences. To cater to this and convert buyers effectively, companies must enable sellers to capitalize on new technologies to provide buyers with highly engaging, educational and helpful content across the entirety of the buyer’s journey, which is where a UGV sales tool, like zipperHQ, helps deliver a big ROI.

Key Takeaways: Asynchronous Video “Essential” to Win


With the majority of B2B buying and selling now occurring in remote and digital settings, Forrester says short-form video messages “will be an essential arrow in the seller’s quiver in 2021 and beyond.”

We agree! Here’s just a few reasons why UGV sales tools are growing in popularity:


No Training, Easy to Create & Share

A huge benefit of UGV tools is they are designed for users with little to no video editing knowledge or training. This functionality is key for busy sellers needing to quickly and easily create, edit, and share dynamic and personalized video content over emails or within social channels.

61% of sales leaders surveyed in the report said they have or intend to invest in user generated video tools.


Applicability Across Entire Buyers Journey

The use cases for user generated videos aka “personalized 1:1 videos” extend across the entire buyer’s journey, and UGV sales tools like zipperHQ, can assist sellers with everything from prospecting, booking appointments, driving event attendance, onboarding new customers and more.


Better Engagement Results

Forrester’s report says companies like SalesLoft have reported meaningful numbers in email opens and reply rates when video is included. With remote work on the rise, UGV may become more essential to businesses in order to create deeper, more personalized connections with clients.


High Value, Low Cost

21% of respondents say the business value of UGV tools is high.

Furthermore, UGV tools offer high value at a low cost which produces a crazy good ROI on asynchronous video sales tech investments. For example with UGV tools, like zipperHQ, users can get started for free, or upgrade for just $15/mo for access to more advanced features.


To get a head start on UGV tools, start using zipperHQ for free today to drive your sales goals forward and help your sellers messages be most effective in 2021 and beyond.