Should you use video in your sales process? Many professionals in the industry are saying if you aren’t, you’re falling behind the curve – but don’t worry, it’s never too late to start.

If you have a client that you want to follow-up with, your instinct might initially go to continuing the conversation through email or leaving them a (another) voicemail. But experts say investing in video in your sales process isn’t just a new trend, it’s the more personal method and can even get your more sales.

Understandably, 2020 was the year that video platforms exploded for all types of communication: schools used Zoom, companies used Microsoft Teams, happy hours happened via Facetime, etc. When no one could see one another in-person because of the pandemic, video communication became the natural solution. One-to-one video increased by 471% last year, according to Demand Metric, and out of marketers who already use video, 94% plan to continue using it.

Katie Mullen, CEO of Mullen Medical Sales (MMS) Consulting LLC, recently shared a post on LinkedIn about the importance of using video in your sales. Here is her video, an example of how you could go about doing so:

Video has been an important part of sales, social media, and marketing tools for years now – and tools like zipperHQ make it easy to apply the strategies of video to your emails. But how do you start? What are the best ways to use video to seal the deal with clients and increase your sales? Read below for answers to some FAQs about video usage and keeping clients engaged with video!

How do I start using video?

First thing’s first, turn that camera on! Get comfortable looking at yourself on the screen and familiarize yourself with your video recording system – you can use your smartphone, computer or laptop camera, or a professional camera, but getting your setup figured out is a great first step. Next, decide how you’re using video. Are you following up with a client, introducing yourself? Making a video for social media? All of which have different goals, so your focus and the point you want to hit may differ for the purpose.

Next, set up your zipperHQ account (it’s FREE!) and download the Chrome extension! This automatically adds the option to add video to your emails, allows you to record your screen to share with clients, and you can send email campaigns with video straight from your account. It’s an easy, streamlined process – you can even send and record your video with just a few clicks on the platform!

When in the sales process do you use video?

It totally depends on what your approach to video is. Many find that especially in the process of following up, video is ideal. “But once you’ve left a VM, sent email, or even reached out on LinkedIn, timing is perfect,” Katie Mullen writes on LinkedIn. “I also love it for follow-ups, and also for getting to higher decision makers.”

It can also be a great way to introduce yourself, your company, or use the screen recording feature to share new listings or important statistics.

How does video re-engage clients?

If you’re having trouble getting someone’s attention or trying to follow-up with a client who may be somewhat unresponsive, video is a unique and personal way to get in touch. Make sure your videos are catered specifically toward whoever you’re reaching out to – putting that extra bit of effort in resonates with people and shows them that you care.

“I use video all the time and think it’s an essential tool to have,” said Lee Goupil, Sales Manager at Motionsoft “It can make a great first impression, or a personalized video that can get an unresponsive prospect to take action.”


What are some tips for best video practices?

Ideally, you want to be comfortable recording yourself. It may seem a little silly and uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to it, it definitely gets easier. Wear clothing that represents you, and makes you feel confident, but be yourself – authenticity is key. Use natural light to the front or side of you, and make sure to check out our ZipTips below on some simple best practices you can use in our videos.

Video is a great way to get to know someone virtually, show them that you have real interest in them, and come across more authentically. Using zipperHQ to record and send video emails is a great way to stand out from your opponents and, at the end of the day, also secure more sales.

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