Providing genuine customer service is a key part of any business, but recently it has become more difficult to retain customers. However, video is here to save the day! Recording and sending authentic videos help to deliver effective communication and to keep those customers around.

Video is an essential tool in broadening customer connection and retention. And it’s a great way to boost your social media presence by creating valuable content that keeps your audience engaged. Video is overall more personal– it helps put a face to a name!

These videos don’t have to be of professional quality and expensive to make. With ZipperHQ you can quickly record videos on your phone or desktop to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all stages of the customer life-cycle. 

Here are some ways you can deliver amazing customer experience with video:


Humanize your Customer Success Communications

Communication is more personal when it comes from video! It’s the next best thing from actually being in person. When you gain new customers, video can be used to send welcome and onboarding messages. Nothing replaces in-person communication, but with video, it can be shared with anyone at any moment in time.

And using video for customer experience doesn’t end with onboarding, video can be used everywhere alongside the customer journey such as explainer videos, testimonials, or to transition to a new account. 

Tip: Anytime you want to send an email or a phone call, think of how using video can help elevate the conversation.

Customer success lies in continuing the conversation and you don’t want your customer relationships to end before it even started.


Customer Service: Eliminate Confusion

You can connect, share, and educate by incorporating video into your tech support! Educational video provides a much better option to tutorials than trying to find the right words to explain something across multiple emails. By doing this correctly, you’ve improved your ranking in the customer’s mind. 

Tip: Video can also be used in expanding your knowledge base, product/feature guide, and how-to videos.

With ZipperHQ’s Google Chrome extension, you can share your screen to show the customer a how-to. For example, if they don’t know how to add a call-to-action to a video, you can record the steps of adding a CTA and send it to the customer so they can watch it back at any time. 

Customers prefer to easily access a short video than scrolling through an article to find the correct solution. So make sure the video encompasses any questions or pain points that may arise. And if you do have an online knowledge base– be sure to include these videos alongside the text!

Explainer videos also prevent back and forth over email and can get support tickets closed faster. Another win is that sharing an explainer video delivers a greater level of customer experience as the customer knows someone is actively helping them and that there’s another person on the receiving end! 

Your team can also create a library of these explainer videos so you don’t have to create a new video each time the same question arises. 


Share Stories from Customer Advocates

Video also improves customer marketing and advocacy efforts! Having someone credible from your company share a new feature or breaking company news over video further boosts customer satisfaction. 

Customers don’t like being sold to. They’d rather learn about you (the good, the bad and the ugly) from a peer. Storytelling from a happy user via a short video can bring your customer’s experiences to life and engage prospects in a preferred, trusted medium! Again, these videos don’t have to be high quality, but a customer can authentically create a testimonial video on their phone or laptop in seconds with ZipperHQ.

Video helps to channel these customer experiences that you’ve worked so hard to establish and nothing would be better than to hear their own thoughts.

Start incorporating video into your company culture and train everyone around you no matter their job title. It’s difficult to succeed without personalized video and it’s an excellent way to show your customers that you care!