Creating a meaningful customer service experience means being genuine, showing the customer how much you care, and of course, getting to the bottom of whatever issue they are facing. Video is the perfect way to roll all of that into one simplified, cohesive message that helps your customer, and strengthens the bond between them and your company. Here are some of the best ways to integrate video into your customer service messaging, and why it works.

Reaching Out in an Authentic Manner

Whether you’re reaching out to staff, clientele or a new lead, you want to come off as the most authentic and genuine version of yourself that you possibly can. And simply put, sending a video in your email rather than a standard text email is just a more human and personal way to do so. Especially with today’s society post COVID-19, video email is the next best thing to an in-person interaction!

    • Introductions: The way you introduce yourself can make or break not just how you’re perceived, but also make the difference between getting someone’s attention versus being redirected to the spam folder. In fact, emails containing video have about an 8x higher open-to-reply rate because of how they create engagement, form a personal connection and get the point across much quicker than paragraphs of text. By sending a formal video introduction, you can present yourself in a professional manner that is sure to catch heads and increase productivity.
    • Thank You’s: Expressing gratitude is key to being memorable, maintaining a relationship and keeping the spark of interest alive by keeping you in their mind! Personalized thank you video messages can be in any format, but should be short, sweet and to the point (and sent often to remind the receiver you see them and are ready for the next move). Send a thank you after: completion of onboard training, doing business with me, signing up for my product, being a frequent user and more. There’s always a reason for a thank you!
    • Follow-Ups: In the same vein as thank you messages, you can send a video to follow up, check in and touch base. Say you’re trying to close a deal or hear back from an interested customer, or check in on an employee; sending a video message shows that you mean business and you’re ready for another conversation. A video follow up is a quick way to spark reengagement and send out a call-for-action. 


Quickly and Easily Help a Customer/Client

In general, when you’re troubleshooting an issue, you’re a) identifying the root cause of error b) tackling what is and what’s not an issue and then c) finding a solution; however, this is much easier said than done. This is because sometimes an explanation is not enough, especially if you’re talking over the phone or by email. By sending a video message, you have the power to troubleshoot an issue by providing a real-time walkthrough that both shows AND tells. Take it one step further by not just recording your screen, but add in a video of yourself too in order to make troubleshooting feel like a more personal experience. Who wouldn’t want a custom step-by-step video, tailored and created specifically for them? 

  • A great way to send a video troubleshooting email could go something like this: 
    • “Hello (Customer_Name), we’re so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with our service; I’ve attached a custom video clip after this message that will hopefully help walk you through the process exactly as you need. Please reach out if there is anything I can do to further assist you! I hope this helps!”

Analytics and Follow-Ups

Save yourself time and energy by tracking data analytics from clientele to find hot leads and to see what’s working and what’s not within your email campaigns. Especially with programs like ZipperHQ, you can track your emails (labeled ‘Campaigns’ under the ZipperHQ dashboard) to see your open, click and play rate. Checking analytics such as these are essential if you’ve found yourself feeling stuck and wondering what you can do to improve your leads.

  • Follow-Ups: When you send a follow-up, you don’t want it going into the void. Specifically, you want to send a message to those you know will open it. By tracking analytics, you can determine who’s hot and who’s not. By doing so, you save yourself the headache of shooting a message into the dark and focusing more on interested leads, which in turn also increases the likelihood of hitting your quota and moving forward.
  • Modifying Your Campaigns: Another benefit of tracking analytics is seeing which of your campaigns are sparking interest and which ones are falling flat. Again, this ties into sparing yourself wasted time and energy by shifting productivity to content that has higher open, click and play rate. Always find ways to work smarter, by using data analytics, you can fine tune email campaigns and discard ones that generate the least interaction.


Utilize video email as one of the strongest tools in your arsenal for onboarding campaigns. Whether it be training a new employee or a new client, sending a video message is a great way to introduce yourself and acquaint others to your company. What’s awesome about virtual onboarding videos is that there is no one specific way to do it. Perhaps you could send a day-in-the-life-of video, or maybe a quick tutorial showcasing your product or even a company presentation; the possibilities are endless. What’s even better is you can create a catalog of onboarding videos/campaigns and send them out in bulk! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, video onboarding this makes it even easier if onboarding isn’t possible in person. 

Did you know?

    • Introduction emails have a 4x higher open rate than other emails and emails containing video have a 20% higher open rate. 
    • Welcome emails containing video can boost click-through rate by 96% 
    • Videos containing video have a 65% higher click rate than standard text emails. 


Turn customers into advocates by asking for a video testimonial as it’s basically free marketing for your company. This is because you have real people giving an honest review for your product/service that’s not forcibly trying to ‘sell’ anything to prospective leads. In fact, 80% of consumers trust testimonials just as much as a personal recommendation. By putting a face to the review, a video testimonial lets the consumer speak for themselves and give value to your company by capturing a genuine moment of reflection. 

  • By using ZipperHQ, consumers/clientele can easily record a testimonial by either recording themselves, their screens or both! By utilizing the webcam and the screen, you can record a video to give an honest review that showcases a product in action/allows you to present while speaking. 

Where You Should Use Video in Customer Success

You might be asking yourself, “should I be using video in customer success?” The answer is undoubtedly … yes! Your next question might be, “where would I actually use video?” Truth be told, you can utilize video anywhere as a representative. The end goal is using video to save yourself time, but also to boost productivity.

  • Create a Review: As a representative you can take data and analytics from your department/company and compile a short video review for your team and send it to their inbox. 
  • Troubleshoot an Issue: As mentioned previously, you can easily help customers and clients by creating a customized video message that walks through an issue and explains specific problems in a way a phone call/text email can’t convey.
  • Create a Knowledge Base: As a representative, time is everything. Why bother resending the same information or have back-to-back emails when you could send pre-recorded videos that explain your product down to a T. By keeping video messages all in one place, you can easily find and send out video emails and save yourself and your team time and energy that can be redirected elsewhere. 
  • Build a Relationship: By sending a video message as opposed to standard text, you’re establishing trust and creating a personal connection. This is important in customer success as you are more likely to receive a higher response/open rate from consumers/clientele and this can help reignite engagement if someone goes dark by showing courtesy and being personal rather than a written message.

Using Videos to Talk About News

If you have a new product, feature, or exciting news that you want to share with customers, video is a great way to do that. It is much easier to show your excitement for a new product or feature over video – which will get your customer excited about it too! 

You can also use video to show your customer how to utilize a new tool or feature with video right away – if they know how to use it, chances are they are more likely to try it! 

You can use different video methods to show rather than tell – but one easy way is to use the zipperHQ Chrome extension to record your screen to show users how your product or feature update works. You can even add video of yourself in the corner of the screen recording to talk through everything. Try it out here!

Video is More Personal

Video puts a face to the name, especially in customer service. It shows that there’s not just a bot, but a real person trying to help them solve their problems. Make them feel like they know you, and that you can help.

  • It could be beneficial to assign one person to each client, so they know who specifically to reach out to if they ever have an issue.
  • By knowing who to reach out to, customers will know exactly who to go to in the company to help them.
  • Having a person do video communication makes the company overall seem more personable and relatable. People relate to others through interaction – even the indirect kind – so it’s helpful to use video to make your company feel more three-dimensional to clients. After all, who wouldn’t want to get to know the people behind the company?
  • It’s a great way to onboard new customers to; help them get to know your product or service, while also setting an expectation of a partnership, rather than a transaction.

Live Video Chats

Live video is also a great way to instantly chat with a customer when they are having an issue. This way, you can hop on a call with your client when they reach out, and walk them through any questions that they may have – and even ones that may arise later on. It’s a great way to touch base with someone, and they will feel more relieved knowing that their questions are answered, and that you’re always there to help.

Having a Knowledge Base

Be prepared for anything that could arise by having a FAQ or Knowledge Base-style section of your website that helps people navigate questions that they may have. This also allows customers to sift through and find the answer on their own if that’s more their style. 

  • You can use these knowledge base videos or articles to send to your customers to walk them through their problem – don’t forget to add a personal touch so that your client knows you’ve got their back. 
  • Videos are much easier to watch than articles are to read – and more preferable too. Plus, this way they can replay part of the video until they understand the next steps.
  • Think about any questions you might have had early on. Any of these will be helpful – no tip or walkthrough is too “obvious.” From the simplest parts of using your product to the most complicated, make sure your clients have tools on how to navigate it.

Immediate Connection

Recording a quick video responding to a problem takes no time and gets immediate answers across to your client. Even if they’ve never met or spoken to you before, they can now put a face to the name and know who to reach out to if they need help. Not to mention, any little detail can help you connect with them, and put common ground between you that will help any of your conversations go smoothly. There is so much more to video than there is to just typing things out in text – simply put, it’s much more three-dimensional, and definitely what people want to see.


The benefits of integrating video into the customer service experience is endless; however, the end goal is the same: to create a genuine and meaningful experience. By utilizing this guide, we hope you can see the many ways of why and how you should be using video messaging and we hope you learned something new. So let’s get started! ZipperHQ is free to try and can help take your business to the next level! Click here to see the power of video messaging.