Got a product or message you’re trying to sell to the younger generation?

Video is their preferred medium (good news, for those using ZipperHQ to market to them). But there’s a few things you should know to get (and hold) their attention.

Gen Z (1997-2012) are digital natives, which means they’ve grown up using computers, smartphones, social media, video games, the internet, and more. Since this generation was born in the digital age, they’re well-versed in the language of all things internet-related including video!

It comes as no surprise that Gen Z is the leading video generation and are more likely to prefer video over text. Video builds trust and connections and for Gen Z. It offers a way to watch their favorite TV shows, record short-form content, and to keep up with their friends, family, and even their favorite internet personalities. 

With their high levels of media consumption that’s radically different than in the past, this generation is a vital part of video marketing. In our last blog post, we covered the video habits of each generation – Gen Z through Boomers – and what that means for marketing. But this post will cover insightful (and exciting) statistics about video usage among the Gen Z crowd and how you should cater your content for them.

Video marketing is all about understanding your audience and diversifying your content. And If you want to create video for Gen Z, you first have to understand the statistics of their digital trends and habits. Here are 30+ video statistics you need to know about this video-first generation. 

General Statistics

  • There are about 2 billion Gen Zers in the world making up nearly 30% of the world’s population [McCrindle]
  • As of July 2019, Gen Z makes up 20.3% of the U.S. population [Brookings]
  • By 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce [McCrindle]
  • As of January 2020, Gen Z has a spending power of $143 billion [Business Insider]
  • As of 2020, Gen Z accounts for 40% of consumers [Fast Company]
  • 84% of Gen Zers feel overwhelmed by the work and activities they have to do [Think With Google]

Digital Habits

  • 74% of Gen Z spends their free time online [IBM]
  • 75% of Gen Z prefer their smartphone/mobile phone over any other device [IBM]
  • 28% of Gen Z is willing to share their online history with a brand [IBM]
  • 32% of Gen Z transactions take place online [Criteo]
  • Gen Zers ages 16 to 24, spend an average of 11 hours on their mobile devices per week [Criteo]
  • 86% of teens expect their next phone to be an iPhone [PiperJaffray]
  • The most common mobile activity is texting and chatting, says 73% of Gen Zers. This is followed by entertainment at 59%  [IBM

Streaming Habits

  • 28% of Gen Z says they’re more likely to watch TV series and video content on their smartphones than any other device [YPulse]
  • 76% of Gen Zers watch YouTube videos weekly or more, making it their top media source [YPulse]
  • 37% of teens prefer YouTube [PiperJaffray]
  • 35% of teens prefer Netflix [PiperJaffray]
  • 18% of Gen Zers watch cable TV weekly or more [YPulse]

Video Habits

  • Seven in ten teenagers spend more than three hours per day watching mobile video [YPulse]
  • Gen Z streams video for roughly 23 hours per week [Criteo]
  • 73% of teenage Gen Zers watch video on their smartphones [YPulse]
  • Seven in ten Gen Zers say watching videos with others helps them feel more connected [Think With Google]
  • Eight in ten Gen Zers proactively share YouTube videos with their family  [Think With Google]
  • 80% of Gen Z teens say YouTube has helped them become more knowledgeable about something [Think With Google]
  • 68% of Gen Z teens say YouTube has given them skills to prepare for the future [Think With Google]

Social Media

  • 71% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram [Pew Research]
  • 48% of 18-29 year olds use Tik Tok [Pew Research]
  • 65% of 18-29 year olds use Snapchat  [Pew Research]
  • 55% of Gen Zers find social media to be a more creative space than what they experience offline [Snapchat]
  • 56% of Gen Z uses social media to express themselves creatively  [Snapchat]
  • Young teens (13-16 year olds) are more likely to use Tik Tok compared to Facebook and Twitter [Morning Consult]
  • Older teens (17 to 21 year olds) are more likely to use Facebook and Twitter than Tik Tok [Morning Consult]
  • More than 76% of Gen Zers follow an influencer on social media [Morning Consult]

COVID-19 Impact on Video (Gen Z and Millennials) 

  • 61% are watching more video on social media apps [Snapchat]
  • 56% are streaming more video on a TV (Netflix, Hulu, etc) [Snapchat]
  • 52% are streaming more video on a smartphone (Netflix, Hulu, etc) [Snapchat]
  • Over half (52%) of Gen Zers and Millennials say their increased video viewing is here to stay [Snapchat]

Gen Z are mobile storytellers and it’s time to start embracing the younger generation with video. Just like generations before them, Gen Z are confronting the same coming-of-age challenges and experiences, but now with the added pressure of technology. For companies hoping to connect with Gen Z, make an impact on them by producing short-form video content through social media. 

Video no doubt rules the social media landscape with it’s high popularity. Show value in your videos by creating educational, how-to content that are posted to Gen-Z friendly websites and apps. Then send them using ZipperHQ to track who your most engaged GenZers are. Start your free trial today!