In real estate, the market is constantly shifting. If you’re new to the game, the real estate market is cyclical; this past year, due to the pandemic, mortgage rates were at an all-time low, and we are still seeing the influx of the competitive marketplace where many people want to buy. But, as every cycle peaks, it is also met with low points, which are unfortunately inevitable. So what can you do to set yourself apart when that bubble bursts?

This past year, with people moving out of cities and into homes and neighborhoods, real estate agents like you have been fighting for the multitude of eager buyers itching to get a new place. This is, of course, great for business, but it won’t always be like this. It may be easier now with so many people ready to move, but at some point, you’ll need to make sure your marketing strategy is strong enough to withstand the dips in the market – so that your business can remain strong throughout the cycle.

When the bubble bursts, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, dismayed and hopeless – especially if you’re newer to the market. But it’s easy to start differentiating yourself now, which will pay off for getting leads in a great market, and even when things don’t look this good.

Video is a fantastic tool that you can use to market yourself and create easy, show-stopping content for marketing as well as getting leads and personally connecting with your clients. How are you going to stand out from everyone else in the market? Simply put – be yourself.

While this sounds like a broad strategy, it’s proven to connect with clients better than automated, impersonalized messages, and knowing they have a real person to talk to or ask questions to is an extremely important, often-underrated part of the marketing process.

ZipperHQ is a great tool to do any and all of the above – record video, record your screen, and send marketing emails and campaigns quickly and easily through our easy-to-use dashboard.

Why does it work? Personalized video is proven to be more appealing to customers – not to mention, people retain 95% of a video message, compared to an only 10% retention rate for written text – which includes emails.

You may find that right now, you don’t need to follow up as much because buyers are so eager. But once the market hits that low point, you’ll need to make sure you are reaching out and being there for all of your clients, no matter which step in the process.

Videos are a great way to follow up with clients, since you are speaking directly to them, and can offer them personalized help if they have any questions. It’s also a great way to boost your customer service if your clients ever run into any issues – they’ll know you have their back by establishing that connection with them early on.

You should prepare yourself with a more hands-on strategy for when the market dips, focusing on certain things specifically. Some of these include:

All of these can utilize video to be more effective. Read more about all of the ways you can use video with zipperHQ here.

As summer approaches, you might also need to shift exactly how you go about your marketing. Some things that may have worked in the pandemic last year won’t have the same effect this summer, so be sure to check out our video marketing tips for this summer to increasingly stand out.

ZipperHQ is the perfect tool for real estate agents like you who are looking to stand out among other agents and get more leads (and more sales!). As the market changes, regular text email campaigns might not work as well, but adding video to your campaigns is an easy way to get more clicks and get eyes on your content. It’ll also help you reach more people on social media, and video allows you to create a personal connection to your clients, new and old.