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What is zipperHQ?

zipperHQ is a video email marketing platform made to change the way you communicate. Record, send, and track your correspondence to increase interactions.

Is ZipperHQ Free?

It can be! We offer both free and paid versions.

Can I only send Video Emails?

While we focus on the power of video, you can certainly create emails that are solely text based.

Who can I send video emails to?

Anyone and everyone! Add any type of contact in your sphere of influence to the system.

Why do I need to enter my company address?

We ask for company information so that the emails you send out are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Do I have to install any software?

Nope! You can use this straight from your web browser. If you wish to use the system on your phone, we have mobile apps available in both app stores.

Can I record ZipperHQ video using my computer?

Yes! If you have a webcam on your laptop, you can record right from there.

Can I record ZipperHQ video using my phone?

Once you download the mobile app, you can record, send, and track right from your phone.

Can I import my contacts?

Contacts can be imported in CSV files.

Why is my account on hold?

If you have a paid account, make sure your credit card information is updated. For free accounts, reach out to

How do I cancel my ZipperHQ account?

While we are sad to see you go, you can reach out to to cancel your account.

What are templates?

Templates are premade layouts for you to enter in your videos and text. We have a variety of templates to choose from ranging from birthday wishes to holiday greetings to business emails.

Can I add my own templates?

You have the ability to create any template you would like with our interactive drag and drop builder.

What are trends?

Trends show you who is opening your emails and who is watching your videos. Trends is an important page to watch so you know who is engaging with your content and who you need to reach out to more.

What is a lead score?

A lead score is generated based on how often this contact is opening and interacting with your emails. When they watch videos or open emails multiple times, their score will go up.

Still Have Questions?

Video marketing increases brand awareness and kicks your marketing efforts into overdrive. But don’t just take our word for it.