Recording and Sending Videos in the IOS App

Did you know you can use zipperHQ just as easily on your IOS device and iPhone as you can on your computer? You can do just about everything you can do on the computer on the app as well, which you can download here, including recording and sending videos. Read below to find out how!

Recording videos:

As always, you have a few different options to record on the zipperHQ app. The first, at the top of your dashboard in green, is the record video button. To record a video, click this, set yourself up for success and hit record! It’s that simple.

1. Hit the record button on your dashboard

2. Set yourself up to start your video, and hit the red “Record” button at the bottom of the screen.

3. You can also flip between your front and back camera by hitting the little camera flip button in the top right corner of the screen.

Another option is to simply hit the little red circles on the top right of your dashboard. It will take you to the same record screen, where you can record your video and flip between your front and back cameras as well!

Sending videos:

As for sending videos, you also have a few options here. You can record a video directly on the app, using either of the methods above, or you can upload a video that you already created from your files or camera roll.

1. To send videos that you’ve recorded on the app, go through the steps above and record a video. Once your video finishes uploading, you’ll see this screen, where you have the option to delete the video, record another and select one from your files. To send, click the green button at the bottom that says “Quick Send with Template.”

a. From here, you can change the subject line, choose your recipients or recipients from one of your lists, CC yourself, schedule the email, and add some text. You can use the default template, or select from one of our Quick Send Templates with the “Select Template” button in the bottom left.

b. If you want to preview your message to see how it will look, click the little eye icon in the bottom right that says “Preview.”

c. To send, just click the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

d. You’ll get a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to send this email – if you’re ready to go, just hit send! That’s all – you’ve done it!

To send a video that you’ve uploaded, you’ve also got a few different options. You can click either of the “Record” buttons on the touchscreen and instead of recording, hit “Select Video” beneath the record button.

2. To send a video you’ve already uploaded to the app, hit the three lines at the top left of the dashboard.

a. Then, go to the “Videos” tab.

b. Click on any video, and hit the “Send” button in the center underneath your video to send your video.

3. You can also hit the “Upload Video” button in the center of your dashboard. Here, you can choose to record a new video, or upload one you’ve already created from your album.

a. Once you upload that video, you’re taken to the same screen, where you can send, preview, and edit your email.

The app makes it easy to record and send videos on the go. You don’t need anything but your cell phone or tablet, making video super accessible even when you’re not home or in the office.