ZipperHQ Uninstall / Install Chrome Extension

ZipperHQ recently added a new feature that has made it more convenient for our users to record videos and screen record with the zipperHQ chrome extension, which can be accessed from your Google Chrome browser on BOTH desktop or mobile.

The zipperHQ Chrome extension makes it twice as easy and more efficient for you to record your screen, webcam or both!

Here’s a quick two-minute recap for how to install/uninstall the zipperHQ Chrome extension


Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how you can install or uninstall the zipperHQ Chrome extension.


You can directly download the zipperHQ by clicking here.


1. Startup Google Chrome and search for “zipperHQ” on the Google Chrome Web Store.

2. Install the zipperHQ extension and login to your zipperHQ account once downloaded in order to use.

How to Use/Find Extension

1. Now that you have successfully downloaded the zipperHQ Chrome extension, you can find it by clicking the puzzle icon at the very right hand side of your web address bar, which will take you to your Chrome extensions list.

2. If you would like to have the extension always ready to go, you can choose to pin the extension, which will enable it to always be visible without you having to manually search your list.

3. When ready for use, click the zipperHQ icon at the upper right corner of your web address bar. You’ll have some options:

a. Under the ‘Record’ tab, you can choose to record ‘Screen Only’ or ‘Screen Plus Camera.’ Choose your setting and hit ‘Start Recording’ to begin!

b. Under ‘Videos’ you can view a drop down list of recorded videos. To watch videos you’ve created, login to


1. Hover over to the upper right hand corner of your web address bar and click on the puzzle icon.

2. At the bottom, click on the option to ‘Manage Extensions.’

3. You will be redirected to the Google Chrome Extensions webpage. From here, find the ‘zipperHQ’ Chrome extension and click ‘Remove.’

a. You will be asked a second time to confirm the removal of the zipperHQ Chrome extension and once you do, it will be immediately removed from your device. (Refresh your page to ensure a successful removal.)

And in just a few simple steps, you can easily install or uninstall the zipperHQ Google Chrome extension!