Windows10 Screen Recording Made Easy

The best Windows 10 screen recorder to record and share quality screen recordings via Chrome Extension anywhere, anytime.

How It Works

zipperHQ’s Screen Recorder is made for quick access and is easy to use on Windows 10 – just follow these three simple steps:

Launch zipperHQ

Download zipperHQ for free on your desktop and add the Google Chrome extension. Click the zipperHQ logo in the upper right corner of your browser – it’s easy to spot!


Choose whether you want to record a video of just your screen or screen + webcam, and customize the area of the screen you want to record. Then press “Record” and you’re good to go.


Send your screen recording via email or a link you can share on social media or text message. Real-time data analytics and alerts let you know when it’s been viewed & by who.

Free Screen Recorder for Windows10

It’s so much easier to virtually walk people through your thought process using something dynamic such as a video of your recorded screen. zipperHQ provides an excellent screen recording feature to capture and share high-quality screen recordings. With a simple interface, users can record their screens with or without their webcams, and with clear sound quality. One of the best parts about the zipperHQ screen recorder is that videos can be uploaded and shared instantly via link or through email.


Benefits of the zipperHQ screen recorder:

  • Easy to use
  • No cost to get started
  • Create & instantly share videos
  • Collaborate visually with ease
  • Increased conversions in your sales funnel
  • Share via link or email
  • Track who’s viewing your video & for how long

What Our Customers Say


ZipperHQ is a great resource…easy to use and effective at delivering a personalized message.”

Mario Alosco

Partner, Radius Partners

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