It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, which has made it challenging for realtors to offer open houses, connect with clients, and to get recognized. Using video makes it easy to reach people in a genuine way while remaining physically apart.   

Savvy real estate agents are using video to engage clients, to get found online, and to sell more properties. 

And the best part is, real estate agents are creating and sharing videos using ZipperHQ on smartphones and laptops. Here’s how you can effectively use video to generate leads, close sales, and to distinguish yourself from the competition with little to no skill involved. 

Host a virtual open house 

You just scored yourself a listing? Great! Now onto the virtual open house where you can discuss the features of the house, the square footage, the price, the location, the local community, and more. It doesn’t even have to be a long video! By recording a video such as on zipperHQ you can send your virtual house video to any potential client to get them talking and ready to sign. 

Tip: Reach a greater audience by sharing your open house video to social media. ZipperHQ makes it easy to embed your video anywhere. 

Watch the video below to get some ideas on how to start filming a virtual open house.

Follow-up: Send a thank you

The next step after hosting a virtual open house is to send some thank yous! People took the time out of their day to watch your video and now it’s time to convert those amazing prospects to ones that will actually show interest and buy. Human connection is a huge part of being a realtor and it’s essential to follow up with a warm greeting that shows their attendance and support was appreciated. 

A video message can be sent by using ZipperHQ to a group of people or you can personalize it more to just one! You don’t need to pull out great lighting and gear, but a simple video greeting prospects and extending help can continue the conversation to turn them into buyers.

Tip: Include the link to the virtual open house in your thank you video message so that potential clients can come back to it. 

In this simple clip, the realtor shows extends support and gratitude to all his clients.

Introduce yourself

You can also send an introductory about me video with your post open house follow-up to give potential clients an idea of who you are! Use this time to showcase your experience, your personality, and to help these potential clients put a face to your name.

Send a client testimony 

Get your clients talking by giving them a chance to showcase how great of a realtor you are. Including a video testimonial is any easy way to show potential clients the positive track record you have. Aim for authenticity over polish. You’ll gain trust faster with an on-the-fly selfie style video, a client has done for you over a fancy studio-produced one.

Tip: If you’re under time restraints and can’t get footage of your clients, you can read off some of your exemplary reviews. 

In this short clip, the clients give a stellar testimonial about their realtor.

Tour the neighborhood 

Showcase the unique highlights of the neighborhood and local businesses in the area in a quick video. Walk potential clients through the local park, waterfront or downtown to get them talking about all the amazing things the neighborhood had to offer.

Tip: Post these videos on social media and tag the businesses you’re featuring for more reach! 

In this video, the realtors drive down the neighborhood while explaining the area.

Share your expert tips 

You can also provide tips to the home seller in a short video clip! Give advice on staging your home, finding the right buyer, and also choosing the right real estate agent – it’s you. This your time to shine as a realtor and to provide potential clients with your knowledge. 

In this video, she goes over some quick tips for homeowners.

And there you have it! Include video in your offering to sellers and get started for free today by signing up for ZipperHQ. And check out the timeline below for a visual guide.