Sending a Video in Gmail


ZipperHQ’s Google Chrome extension makes it easy to access and send videos right from your Gmail account! To send a video from Gmail first make sure you have the Google Chrome extension downloaded– it’s entirely free.

1. Once downloaded, log on to your Gmail account.

2. When you click on “compose” on the top left it will bring you to the composer box.

3. In the composer box you will see the ZipperHQ icon or the power wheel in the bottom right.

4. Click on the green icon to bring up your pre-made video library.

5. From there, you can choose which video you want to upload/add to your email using the “add to email” button.

6. To record and second a video on the spot – if you didn’t already create a pre-made video – click on the Chrome extension icon on the top right of your screen. You can choose to either record your screen or record your screen plus camera.  If you just want to record yourself without also showing your screen, record a video through the ZipperHQ dashboard and you can upload directly to Gmail once you finished recording.

7. Once you added your video to your email composition, it will appear in the message with the 3-second GIF and the video time.

8. By double-clicking on the video, you can also change the size of it to small, best fit, or original size.

9. From there, you can send the video as is or to add to your message you can still type anywhere above, below, or next to the video!

You should now understand how to send a video in Gmail using ZipperHQ’s Chrome extension. If you’re still scratching your head, contact us here.