Want to stand out from the crowd and capture your prospects’ attention? 

Of course! Every sales professional does. But only a handful know the key to doing it well. What’s their secret? Video.

Cold outreach prospecting seems to be harder than ever these days. There are so many communication channels your prospect is consuming from email, phone, text, social media, and more– messages easily get lost. The ability to connect with people and have genuine conversation while creating valuable opportunities seems like an uphill battle. But that’s exactly where video outreach can be so powerful. 

Instead of another text-based email, LinkedIn message or text message, video shows that you care by putting a face (with vocal emotion and physical movement) on the other end.  

If you want a better targeted outreach that generates more open rates, click-throughs and responses, personalized video is the way to go. 

Sale professionals that use video see a 26% increase in replies!

Video helps to create an experience where your prospects want to buy! Here are some video tips to take your sales outreach to the next level so you can break through the noise.


Tip 1: Personalized video is key

Don’t send the same video to all your prospects. After all, video works best when it is targeted and personal. Make it about them. Research your prospect, address them by name and acknowledge their situation and any pain points. For example, mentioning a quote from their latest blog or social media post showcases you care about their ideas and concerns. This shows that you took the extra step to get familiar with their challenges, organization, and responsibilities.


Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

We’re all human– your video outreach doesn’t have to be flawless! Simply by creating a 20 second selfie-style video instead of hiding behind email or your phone shows that you’re putting yourself out there and it’s ok to be a little awkward or not too polished at first. Being human and accidentally stumbling over a word and displaying body language builds trust and helps to connect at a deeper level. If you’re nervous, you can write a short script out for yourself before or read this blog post here to learn how to be more comfortable on camera. And remember to be conversational and authentic!


Tip 3: Be short and simple

Video in sales doesn’t have to come with any frills. You don’t need to be a video professional or use a high-quality camera to create video. By using ZipperHQ, you can film right from your phone or computer in your office or any other clutter-free setting– don’t feel the need to make the video super formal or staged. Additionally, adding any kind of music or editing isn’t needed when it comes to using video in sales. Remember to focus on your message and keep the cold outreach video around 30 to 60 seconds. You don’t want to over complicate it for your prospect or for yourself!


Tip 4: Use a call-to-action in your videos

Increase the click through rates of your video by directing your prospect to a demo video on your website or to book a meeting with you. This can be done by adding a CTA. Watch the short clip here to learn how to include a CTA on ZipperHQ. When you add a CTA, this opens up different avenues to further the conversation.


Tip 5: Don’t think of video as one step

Video can be used anywhere throughout the sales process to draw customer engagement. If they didn’t reply to your first video, send a text-based follow up again but with a new message or question. People love giving feedback, so asking for something as simple as that on the video you sent can do the trick for getting engagement going. Video isn’t just for cold outreach either. Video can also be used throughout the sales cycle to show a tutorial, share testimonials, for 1:1 follow-ups, contract walk-throughs and more. 


Remember, video is a powerful tool in your sales tool belt. Anytime you are tempted to send an email or text to someone, ask yourself if video could help elevate and improve the conversation! Ready to put yourself out there? Join the 86% of marketing and sales teams that use video by signing up for ZipperHQ.